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Oboke-sugi Cedar Tree


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Considered one of the 100 best trees in Japan, this huge 680-year-old cedar has a vast spread of branches. It is said that when Daichi (founder of the Gida-ji Temple in Yoshino, Hakusan City) went back to his hometown, Higo, he placed a branch of a cedar upside down in the ground, and the tree became the Oboke-sugi. Therefore, it is also called the Sakasa-sugi (upside-down cedar). The name is derived from its shape, which resembles a Buddhist altar offering bowl heaped with rice (oboke). It is a National Natural Monument.

Near the tree is an area called Yoshino Kougei no Sato. Here there are several art museums, art workshops, cafes and restrooms. The grounds also offer a great place for children to play, and are surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.


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Parking is available for visitors at Yoshino Kougei no Sato.

Ishikawa, Hakusan, Yoshino<MAP>

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