Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark Cooperating Partner Groups 白山手取川ジオパーク連携協定締結団体

In the aim of strengthening the activities of the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, and contributing to the sustainable development of Hakusan City, the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark Promotion Council has formed partnership agreements with the following groups and organisaitons.

・Promoting the Geopark 
・Protecting Geopark Sites 
・Utilising the Geopark for Education 
・Promoting Geo-Tourism
Official Partner Groups
List and Details of Official Partner Groups (Japanese) PDF(0.3 MB)

NO 1:Hakusan Shiramine Nature School Click here for Website
NO 2:Kaga Hakusan Yougozatta Click here for Website
NO 3:Mikawa Okaeri-no-kai Click here for Website
NO 4:Yukidaruma Committee
NO 5:Hakusan Snow Festival Committee
NO 6:Hakusan Geo Trail Committee Click here for Website
NO 7:Hakusan Sports Council Click here for Website
NO 8:Hakusan Ichirino Onsen Tourism Association Okami-no-kai
NO 9:Toudaiji Estate Yokoesho Shoen Festival Committee Click here for Website
NO 10:Chestnut Tiger Butterfly Fan Club Hakusan
NO 11:Hakusan-roku Bunamori Nature School Click here for Website
NO 12:Mikawa Nature People Club Click here for Website
NO 13:Sunflower Festival Committee
NO 14:Hakusan Yoshino Area Promotion Council Click here for Website
NO 15:Hakusan City Hometown History Research Council Click here for Website
NO 16:Hakusan Nature Guide Volunteer Group
NO 17:Hakusan City Matto Photo Lovers Group Click here for Website
NO 18:Ishikawa Geological Survey Association Click here for Website
NO 19:Higashi-futakuchi Dekumawashi Preservation Group
NO 20:Fukase Dekumawashi Preservation Group Click here for Website
NO 21:Fukase Hinoki-zaiku Workshop Click here for Website
NO 22:Tsurugi Hometown Folktale Group
NO 23:Hakusan Onsen Area Association
NO 24:QINO Click here for Website
NO 25:Satellite Circle Shiramine University Village

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Geopark Supporting Vending Machines 白山手取川ジオパーク応援寄附金付きラッピング自動販売機

These vending machines are placed with the cooperation of each applicable company. With each purchase from the vending machines, a percentage of the profits is donated to the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark to support its activities. If you see one of these vending machines, please consider purchasing a drink to support the Geopark.

Post office 郵便局

In our path to becoming a Global Geopark, it is necessary for conservation measures to be undertaken at various places throughout the Geopark. In an area as large as Hakusan City, containing numerous natural resources, it is difficult to undertake daily monitoring. For this reason the Japan Post Office, whose workers are constantly working in and around the Geopark, has signed a formal cooperation agreement (signed September 21, 2012) to share information on the conservation status of natural resources. This is the first agreement of its kind in Japan, between a public and private business, and acts as a Geopark conservation system.

Journey of Water Guides 水の旅案内人

Journey of Water Guides are people who share and spread awareness of the beauty and sights of the Geopark to their friends, family, coworkers, and customers. Anyone can become a Journey of Water Guide by simply attending a free Journey of Water Guide lecture. Look out for people and shops with this sticker and flag.

Cooperation Agreement with the Mount Hakusan Biosphere Reserve 白山ユネスコエコパーク協議会との連携協定

Through respecting each individual program's philosophy, we will work together and collaborate with the Mount Hakusan Biosphere Reserve Council focusing on the valuable geology and topography of the area, and from the perspective of ecosystem conservation and Geopark regional development, we aim to promote complimentary and synergistic activities with the Biosphere Reserve that strive for the coexistence between nature and people, while promoting the overlapping fields of education and research, to develop the tourism of the area for the purpose of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

・Conservation of natural resources and the natural environment
・Protection and conservation 
・Research and education of earth and natural sciences 
・Tourism promotion 
・Promotion and spread of information 
・Improved visibility 
・Other activities deemed necessary to achieve the goals

Details on partnerhsip (Japanese) PDF(0.3 MB)