[Ended] Connect HAKUSAN Photo Contest Winner’s Photo Exhibition

Connect HAKUSAN, a collaboration between the Yoshida Sake Brewery and Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, held a photo contest from August of this year via Instagram. The theme of the contest was "The Light and Shadow of Hakusan".

The competition has since ended, and the 6 winners are announced below.

Mr. Taniguchi Award:

Yoshida Sake Brewery Award:
 @y.ito.108gone (2 pieces)

Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark Award:
 @londonbushotel (4 pieces)

Thank you to everyone who participated!
Every photo was beautiful, and told a wonderful story.

These photos will be displayed at a special exhibition. See the details below.
When: March 11 to 16, 2022
Where: AEON Mall Hakusan West Court

Entry is free!

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