Bring the Sights and Sounds of Nature into your Home


With the recent Covid-19 situation, the world has become a frightening place. But with everyone’s support we can make it through these rough times.

One of the ways to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 is staying home as much as possible, and avoiding close contact with others. Whether by law, or by choice, many people around the world are now spending extended periods of time at home. To help make your time at home more interesting, the Japanese Geoparks Network has started the “Our Planet Earth Project”, to bring the relaxing sights and sounds of nature into the homes of people around the world.

Geoparks around Japan are uploading 10 to 20 minute videos showing the many beautiful and astounding sights that can be found throughout each Geopark. These videos are raw and unedited, with the natural sounds of birds, wind, water, and waves. Watch them while drinking coffee to relax, or run them in the background while working and let yourself escape into nature from the safety of your home.

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These videos also offer a perfect opportunity to virtually visit some of the famous locations of each Geopark, and make a note of the places you want to visit when the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

Admire the strength and beauty of nature, whose life is far longer than our own, and feel at peace knowing that you’re a part of this fantastic planet.

For those interested in the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, be sure to check out our own videos. So far we have uploaded videos from Watagataki Waterfall, and near the Itao Fudoudaki Waterfall. More videos are coming soon!

You can see all the videos from the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, and other Japanese Geoparks, by searching the hashtag #ourplanetearthproject in YouTube.

For more information on Geoparks, see:
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