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Said to be originally built over 2100 years ago, the Shirayama Hime Shrine sits in the southern part of Tsurugi, built high on the river terrace in order to overlook the Tedori River. It is a very quiet and serene location, with several smaller shrines located throughout the grounds. From the Heian Period (794 to 1185) through to the Middle Ages there were many manors in the area, and a powerful clan which called itself ‘Mizuhiki Shinjin’ ruled over the land. Even now, many of the ancestors of this clan continue to support the land.

It is originally a place to worship Mt. Hakusan, and also the starting point of the Kaga Zenjou pilgrimage route to Mt. Hakusan. Recently, many people come to pray for matchmaking and to strengthen family bonds. Blessed charms and talismans, as well as good luck fortunes can be purchased at the shrine store. You can also be blessed by the priest and see a dancing ritual in a special ceremony called "sanpai".

The shrine also offers the "Misogi" ritual - a Shinto water bath ritual that purifies you physically and spiritually, and releases you from your daily stress. It involves dressing in ceremonial attire, and entering a pool of spring water where you pray with the priest. Shinto Misogi is only offered at a few shrines throughout Japan, making it a very unique experience. Visitors will be blessed not only throughout the Misogi ritual, but also by attending a "sanpai" ceremony beforehand. This is not an experience to miss! For more information on the Misogi experience click here.


• Car:
Free parking is available on both the east and west side of the shrine.
The west car park is located beneath the shrine, with an entrancing staircase leading up to the main gate. A souvenir shop, and restaurant are also located by the car park.
The east car park is located beside the shrine, for easy access. Many cafes and a souvenir store surround the car park.
• Public Transport:
The nearest train station is Tsurugi Station and is 2.2km away. See below for connecting options.
For more information on accessing Tsurugi Station see: Access
• Bicycle:
Bicycles can be rented from nearby Tsurugi Station. The ride is approximately 10 minutes.
See our access page for where to rent bicycles from: Access
• Walking:
Walking to the omotesando entrance of the shrine takes about 30 minutes from Tsurugi Station.
• Bus:
Limited buses run between Tsurugi Station and Ichinomiya (the station in front of the shrine). Numbers are not used on these buses and the destinations are written only in Japanese. Timetables can be found in Japanese at Tsurugi Station or online through the following Japanese site (see 加賀白山バス遅刻表): Hokuriku Railroad Buses

• Taxi:
Taxies are available from Kanaya Taxi, directly in front of the station.

105-1 Sannomiyamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>


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