Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine Exhibition Renewal

The Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine is open for business from April 23, and this year there's some new exhibitions to see!

Renewal Exhibition #1: Let's Become Fossils!
Follow this storybook-like exhibition where you find yourself in the age of the dinosaurs, and learn how fossils are made by becoming one yourself! This exhibition is available in English, and offers a reading level for both children and their parents.

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Renewal Exhibition #2: Enlarged Fossil Replicas
Most of the internationally significant fossils found at the nearby Kuwajima Fossil Bluff are so tiny they need a magnifying glass to see! This new exhibition hosts five precious fossils from the area that were scanned using CT and 3D printed. Made 15 to 95 times larger than the original, these replicas make it easy to see even the tiniest details of the fossils, such as the miniscule serrations on teeth.


See here for more information about the Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine: Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine