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Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine

Hakusan Kyouryuu Paku Shiramine

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The Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine exhibits fossils such as dinosaur fossils from around the world, including those excavated from the nearby Kuwajima Fossil Bluff. There’s also a fossil-digging experience where you can freely crack open rocks from the Kuwajima Fossil Bluff, and see if you can find any fossils. Furthermore, the Shiramine Institute of Paleontology in the park, which started in order to research the Kuwajima Fossil Bluff and surrounds, is now the leading research center in the area. Here you can experience real fossil research.


Opening Hours
• 9am to 5pm (last entry 4.30pm)
• Open Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays*
• Closed during winter
*Closed on Tuesdays that follow public holidays

Entry fee
• Adults: ¥520
• School Students: ¥200
The fossil-digging experience costs extra

• Car:
Parking is available for visitors.

4-99-1 Kuwajima, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>

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