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Matto Castle Park

Mattou Joushi Kouen

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Matto Castle Park is where Matto Castle once stood. Nowadays the land is preserved as a park, which makes for a great spot to view cherry blossoms in the spring, and see autumn foliage.

Built during the Kamakura Period (1192 to 1336), Matto Castle was originally said to be the headquarters of the Kaga area rebel group. However after being defeated by the army led by Oda Nobunaga’s trusted General Katsuya Shibata, the castle was taken over by Oda’s people. Under this influence the castle maintenance improved, and the castle town was formed. Then, at the beginning of the Edo Period (early 1600s), the castle was abandoned. According to an old map of Matto Castle, there were several fences which were surrounded by a water-filled moat 9 to 23 meters in width, a dry moat, and several mounds. The outer moat measured 270 meters from north to south, and 160 meters from east to west.


• Public transport:
The park is directly in front of JR Matto Station.
• Car:
Coin parking is available nearby.

2 Furushiromachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>

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