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Fujitsuka Shrine

Fujitsuka Jinja

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Fujitsuka Shrine was originally called the Fujitsuka-sanno, then during the Meiji period, when the government forced the separation of Shinto and Buddhism, the name was changed to the Motoyoshi Hiyoshi Shrine and then Fujitsuka Hiyoshi Shrine. Finally it was called the Fujitsuka Shrine.

The Okaeri Festival, which started as the annual Spring Festival in the mid-Edo Period, is designated an intangible folk cultural property of the prefecture. A portable shrine led by thirteen carts is carried around the town from the shrine, to pray for a plentiful harvest of grain and safety of family. Carts with elaborate decorations such as lacquer work used to show the economic power of the ship owners of the Kitamae-bune (ancient shipping route) ships and how thriving the port town was at one time.


Nu 167 Mikawa Minamimachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>

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