Sea and Allivial Fan Area

Yokoe-no-Sho (Estate of Todaiji Temple) Ruins

Toudaijiryou Yokoe-no-Sho Iseki Souke-ato

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Yokoe-no-sho is located in the northeast edge of the Tedori River Alluvial Fan, and is one of the estates called shoki-shoen (manor) which proliferated nationwide during the Nara Era and the early Heian Era. In the Heian Era there was a lagoon between a sand spit formed by the Tedori River and the Sea of Japan. Yokoe-no-sho is thought to be the site of a large freight center which carried out rice harvested on the Tedori River Alluvial Fan.

The manor was found through archaeological excavation, and preserved at this location. Concrete markers show where the manor and surrounding buildings once stood.


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No parking available on site. Please park nearby, and walk to the site.

1762-21 Yokoemachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>

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