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Hakusan-Roku Theme Park Yoshioka-Enchi

Hakusan Roku Tema Paku Yoshioka Enchi

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The Hakusan-Roku Theme Park is built over the expanses of the river terraces that run beside the Tedori Gorge. These river terraces were built by sudden erosion caused by periods of uplift in the area. Villages formed across the terraces, and you can clearly see how the formation of the land, and the livelihoods of people are connected. You can also get a sense of the river terrace topography by driving along either of the roads that follow the river.

The park was built utilizing the terraces on both sides of the river, with an area of 7.6 hectares. It provides a great picnic spot, and plenty of photo opportunities. You can take a leisurely walk, enjoying scenery such as a rock garden, Japanese wisteria trellises and an aquatic plant garden.


• Car:
A large car park is available for visitors.

Ishikawa, Hakusan, Kawachimachi Yoshioka<MAP>

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