From High in the Sky, to Down in the Town. Feel the Flow of History, and the Blessing that Water Brings.

View the world from above, and experience the land with all your senses. Then take a walk through Tsurugi, a town at the border of the mountains. Visit its many shrines and temples, and feel the blessings that water brings, all the way from the sacred Mt. Hakusan.
Required Time: Approx. 5 Hours
Mode of Transport: Car

Shishiku Highlands (Sky Shishiku)

After riding the suspended gondola to the top of the mountain you can see the flow of the Tedori River, all the way from the mountains down to the Tedori Alluvial Fan and the Sea of Japan. For the adventurous, you can book an exhillerating paragliding experience and glide from the top of the mountain, located 600m above sea level, for a spectacular view.
110 Yahatamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa

Tel: 076-273-0658

Operating Hours
• 10am to 5pm (May close unexpectedly due to weather)
• Closed Tuesdays and during Winter



Located at the base of the Shirayama Hime Shrine, this shop sells souvenirs such as local vegetables and handmade goods. Soba and set meals can be eaten here. You can also try making Tsurugi's traditional dish 'Sasazushi' - a kind of pressed sushi wrapped in bamboo leaves (1,500 yen per person. Reservation required 3 days in advance).
Re 122, Shirayamamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa

Opening Hours
• Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm (Until 5.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

15 Mins by Foot

Shirayama Hime Shrine

Devoted to the sacred Mt. Hakusan, the Shirayama Hime Shrine is the main shrine of all the Shirayama Shrines located across Japan (roughly 3000 shrines), and as the main shrine of the Kaga region it has existed in the area for over 2100 years. Every day a prayer is given to thank Mt. Hakusan for the blessings it brings in the form of water. Located at the top of the Tedori Alluvial Fan, the shrine provides a place to thank Mt. Hakusan for providing Hakusan with water.
Ni 105-1 Sannomiyamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa

Tel: 076-272-0680

4 Mins by Car

Yokomachi Urarakan

Built over 180 years ago, this townhouse has been used for several different purposes, exisiting in the center of Tsurugi. During the Edo Period it was used as a place to store rice that was paid to the lord of the area as a kind of tax. Then it became the first post office in Tsurugi during the Meiji Period, and was then used as a doctors office by the 12th generation owner of the building. Nowadays it is used as a free resthouse where visitors can relax with tea and marvel at the old architecture of the building. Various craft lessons are also available, such as the traditional crafts 'Hinoki Zaiku' - Cypress Weaving, and 'Kaga Mizuhiki', and the rear storehouse is frequently used for various exhibitions.
Ta 1 Tsurugishinmachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa

Tel: 076-272-0001, 076-273-5699

Opening Hours
• 10am to 4pm
• Closed August 13 to 15, and New Years