River and Gorge Area

Ikkou-ikki no Sato Roadside Station

Michinoeki Ikkou-ikki no Sato

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Located just beneath the Torigoe Castle Ruins, the Ikkou-ikki no Sato Roadside Station makes a great place to rest after exploring the castle grounds. Handmade soba noodles are served at the restaurant, and local vegetables and souvenirs can be purchased at the souvenir store. There is also a museum located next door, which shows exhibits about the historical lifestyle of the area.


Opening Hours
• May to November:
9am to 4pm (Restaurant: 11am to 4pm)
Open every day
• December to April:
9am to 3pm (Restaurant 11am to 3pm)
Closed Mondays

• Car:
Free parking is available at the roadside station.

Ishikawa, Hakusan, Deaimachi<MAP>

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