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Townscape of Mikawa

Mikawa no Machinami

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Mikawa Town, built around the former Motoyoshi Port, was built high upon sand dunes to protect the town from flooding, which often occurred due to the overflowing of the nearby Tedori River. It was also developed on the southern side of sand dunes to avoid the harsh beach wind. The original culture of the harbor was formed through trade and cultural exchange made possible by the Kitamae-bune ships – ships that travelled along the old shipping route.

Mikawa can be accessed easily by train, via Mikawa Station. The town contains many shops and restaurants that developed from the local ocean trade.


• Public transport:
Mikawa is accessible via JR Mikawa Station.
• Car:
Coin parking is limited throughout the town, however most shops provide free parking to patrons.

Mikawa, Hakusan, Ishikawa<MAP>

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