Mountain and Snow Area

Bettou Suspension Bridge

Bettou Deai Tsuribashi

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The Bettou Suspension Bridge acts as the gateway to Mt. Hakusan and the Sabo Shindo hiking trail, crossing the Bettou Valley. The bridge is still relatively new, with the former bridge being destroyed by a debris flow on May 17, 2004. This new bridge, located 20m downstream, and 9m higher than the previous, allows easy passage over the valley. When crossing you can still see the remnants of the old bridge where it was washed away.

The Bridge is closed during winter, where the floorboards are removed to protect the bridge against heavy snow.


• Car:
Parking is available near the Bettou Deai Center.
During weekends in peak hiking season, you must catch a shuttle bus from the Ichinose Visitor Center.


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