Mountain and Snow Area

Mt. Narutani ・ Mt. Sunagozen ・ Mt. Ou-Arashi

Narutani Yama - Sunagozen - Ou-Arashi Yama

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These three mountains make great viewpoints of Mt. Hakusan. They also make ideal hiking trails for beginners, or those after a gentle hike. Alpine plants such as rhododendron, colonies of azalea and Hemerocallis dumortieri (a species of day lily) can be seen along the trail of Mt. Narutani. In early May you can also see large fields of the beautiful and fragrant white skunk cabbage by Mt. Ou-arashi.


• Car:
All hiking trails are accessible by car, however access roads can be narrow and difficult to drive on. The access road to Narutani Yama and Sunagozen has limited space for parking.
A large parking lot is available at the base of the Mt. Ou-arashi hiking trails, from which the Narutani Yama and Sunagozen hiking trails can be accessed. The carpark can be found here.
All hiking trails are marked, with various signage available on-site.

• Mt. Narutani
• Mt. Sunagozen
• Mt Ou-Arashi